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In less than 1 minute our students tell you what the course is about and what challenging projects they choose to film at the end of each term (although they film practically every day)

Editing for young talents

We offer you the first step to learn how to edit your own project in a narrative and creative way, so if you are just starting to learn how to edit or you have already started editing your projects and you want to take the next step, this is the course where you can do so. The course has formats, which one do you prefer?

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summer course

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In B.Movie School’s Annual Editing Course, you’ll learn that editing isn’t just cutting and pasting clips from a video: editing makes sense of the story.

The classes will be taught in both English and Spanish, so it will be a unique opportunity to practice the language while you learn and enjoy the experience.


Our main goal is to introduce you in the most entertaining and didactic way to each activity that we carry out. Therefore, we will give you total freedom, so that you can bring to light your creativity and talent while we help and advise you at every step.


The Filmmaking course is adapted to young people between 12 and 21 years of age who have an interest in the audiovisual world and want to train in the most practical way possible.


We offer a working and educational method based on the Learning-by-doing philosophy. The objective is to promote the student’s skills, by developing their creative capacity and stimulating their problem-solving skills.

From the beginning, practical activities will be carried out, thus helping students to take the first step in the audiovisual world while learning about themselves throughout the process.

We conduct all courses on specific projects. In this way, we propose a continuous learning program where students see all their work and knowledge reflected and carried through.


  • Introduction to editing programs, focusing on the Adobe Premiere Pro and After effects Programs.
  • Transitions and effects in Premiere Pro. Use of special commands to give our editing different visual effects.
  • Work with sound programs.
    • Synchronization with the image.
    • Sound cleaning, noise reduction.
  • Learn to color in editing programs.
  • Editing of the final projects.

In this annual course we will teach you how to employ the most used professional programs for editing and what they are used for. You will start with different basic and more accessible programs and end up mastering the programs used by professionals.

Each of the contents and concepts will be studied carefully and delved into, and practices will be carried out to complement what has been learned.


Throughout the courses, we offer our students various experiences to develop their talents inside and outside of class, which includes all the different aspects of editing.

Project in class:

Throughout the course, students will carry out projects where they will apply their knowledge of the material taught and practiced in class. For that we propose annually:


  • Complete process of editing a music video or a spot.
  • Complete process of editing a TV pilot program episode or a TV report segment.
  • Complete process of editing a short documentary or social awareness ad.
  • Complete process of editing a dramatic scene.
  • Complete process of editing a comedy scene.
  • Complete process of editing a video presentation.
  • Complete process of editing a tutorial for YouTube.

Out of class projects:

  • Editing of various home projects.
  • Weekly scenes or sketches: each student will work on and edit a home video as a practical exercise that accompanies the material given in class (in collaboration with students from the other courses).
  • Creation and editing of YouTube tutorial videos and presentation videos.


Students have access to a professional editing room, equipped with a modern, high-quality workstation in the school facility; students have access to these materials during classes. We also provide additional access to this material for those students who do not have a workstation at home (a powerful enough computer), but it is advisable to have one of their own.

Students will work with different types of editing programs during the course, starting from the basic and easy editing program and ending with a more advanced program used professionally in the industry. All students will have at the end of the course a video showing their different editing skills.

Distribution in festival:

The final student project (or another project that has been shown to be of sufficient quality) has a life of festival distribution. Our philosophy is to always consider the project of our students as our own and as something that we want to have in our course curriculum and for that we try to ensure that their project reaches the maximum possible distribution by sending them to festivals and events that best fit the quality of the result end, ensuring your work the recognition it deserves.

Theater screening:

As an annual event, we offer our students, their friends and family the opportunity to screen their project for the local community in a professional cinema with a minimum capacity of 150 audiences, so you can have the experience of seeing your work on the big screen.

Production platform:

We encourage our students of all courses throughout the term to begin to create among themselves a production platform, which we help guide and support to assimilate to the closest possible level to the work of a newly created production company, in the hope this is the basis for a student to continue with their project independently or with our sponsorship. With this platform, students brand their production line, run the brand’s social network, create a blog or website, submit projects to contests, conduct casting calls and advance production tasks.


Summer course

  • 20 hours a week.
  • From Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Center: Italia 33, Alicante.
  • 2 Weeks of shooting.
  • Access to Young Talent Club.
  • € 345 / month – students annual course.

Filmmaking for Young Talents

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