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For young (and not so young) talents
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Young talent

If you are between 12 – 21 years old and you are passionate about cinema … this is your school! We meet on Saturdays to write, edit and record audiovisual content: from a short film, to a series, a YouTube tutorial, a podcast and everything that you and your film crew would like to make.

Film buff

There is no age limit for cinema (and popcorn) lovers. We present you a different way to enjoy it behind the screen… actively: photography, scripts, acting, editing … Tuesdays and Thursdays, enjoy filmmaking with your crew and… let’s break the fourth wall!

Why an audiovisual school?

Coffee Bean

It's a lot of fun

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

and you get to meet new people

When a group of young (and not so young) talents work as a team, the result instead of adding… multiplies. Share your talent with people with your same interests and create stories that will move the audience. And if you don’t have fun while you do it … it will be because you accidentally went to a different school (see how our students always smile)

What do you want to learn?



Is cinema one of your hobbies? This is our star course where you will learn everything you need to produce and shoot your projects.



Do you think your place is in front of the camera? Do you want to learn while having new experiences? If so, this course is perfect for you.



Do you want to learn how to edit audiovisual projects? In this course you will learn to employ the most used professional programs.

Which COURSE do you prefer?



In our facilities in Alicante’s city center you will be able to create new worlds with your film crew Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. From September to June with end of course project shootings.



In our COVID-proof version, the studios go wherever you are. Joining talent from all over Europe, you will make friends in English and you will shoot together in a summer camp in person.

Summer Course

Summer Course

The most compact version, only during the summer months, from Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm. It includes an end of the course shooting project! You cannot miss it, so reserve a place right now because you will meet film lovers like you.


Phone Number

+(34) 966 57 21 09
+(34) 622 21 29 35


Italia 33
03003 Alicante

Working Hours

Week days: 10-14h + 18-20h
Saturday:     10-14h

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