In less than 1 minute our students tell you what the course consists of and what challenges they choose to film at the end of each term (although they record practically every day)

Filmmaking Anual Course for Young Talents

We offer you a variety of everything: script, photography, acting, directing and editing. So that you are able to carry out your audiovisual projects from start to finish.

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Young Talents

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Anual Course

course specifications


In the Annual Filmmaking Course of B.Movie School we will teach you step by step and in a more in-depth way how this world works.

Classes will be taught in both English and Spanish, so it will be a unique opportunity to practice the language while you learn and enjoy the experience.


Our main objective is to introduce you in the most entertaining and didactic way to each activity. Therefore, we will give you total freedom so that you can bring to light your creativity and talent while we help and advise you at all times.


The Filmmaking course is aimed at young people between 12 and 21 years old who have an interest in the audiovisual world and want to train in the most practical way possible.


We offer a working and educational method based on the Learning-by-doing philosophy. The objective is to promote the student’s competences, developing their creative capacity and stimulating their resolution skills
from problems.

From the first moment, practical activities are carried out, thus helping students to take the first step in the audiovisual world while learning about themselves throughout the process.

We focus all courses on specific projects. In this way, we propose a continuous learning program where students see all their work and learning reflected and made reality.


  1. Script.
  2. Audiovisual languages and shots.
  3. Storyboard.
  4. Preproduction.
  5. Photography.
  6. Sound.
  7. Set lighting.
  8. Production.
  9. Postproduction.

Throughout the course, we will take a tour of the meaning of each shot, its use and its intention, the steps you have to follow to create your own script from scratch, the basic rules of photography, how the different videos and photo editing programs are used. You will also the different responsibilities on set, the tasks of each one, by working on the process of making a video from the script to the camera, the technical part of the lighting to the direction, production and post-production..

Endless questions that will shape you in the best way for your future.

Each of the contents and concepts will be studied carefully and at the same time you will apply them through a series of practices to complement what has been learned.


Throughout the courses, we will offer our students various experiences to develop their talent inside and outside of class, which includes all the different aspects of the audiovisual world.

Through the course, students will have a final project for each term and a final project for the course, these projects will help students apply what they have learned and practiced during classes, for that we propose these projects annually:

  • Short film or TV pilot episode
  • Music video clip or a spot
  • Short documentary or publicity spot on social awareness.

Out of class projects:

  • Script development: throughout the course, each student will develop their own script for a short film or a television pilot episode by applying the script writing techniques taught in class.
  • Scenes or monthly sketches: each student will develop a home video as practical exercises that accompany the material given in class.


We guarantee our students the experience of using professional cameras and filming materials. Our student has access and will be able to use first-hand first-hand equipment used in professional sets. The students’ final year projects were filmed with the RED EPIC MX 5K camera, BMPCC 6K camera and ZEISS compact cp2 professional cinema lens, among other materials.

Film Festival Distribution

The final  project  (and other project that proves to be of sufficient quality) has a life of distribution at festivals. Our philosophy is to always consider the project of our students as our own and as something that we want to have in our own study plans and for that we try to ensure that their project reaches the maximum possible distribution by sending them to festivals and events that best fit the quality of the final result, ensuring your work the recognition it deserves.

Movie theater screening

As an annual event, we offer our students, their friends and family the opportunity to screen their project for the local community in a professional cinema with a minimum capacity of 150 audiences. So they can have the experience of watching their work on the big screen.

Production platform

We encourage our students throughout the course to start creating among themselves a production platform, with which we will help them by guiding and supporting them to reach the closest possible level to the work of a newly created production company, in the hope of this being the basis for the student to carry out more projects independently or with our sponsorship. On this platform, students brand their production line, run the brand’s social network, create a blog or website for it, submit projects to contests, make a casting call, advance production tasks

Date and price

The Annual Filmmaking Course takes place in Alicante, beginning in September and ending in June, having the opportunity to sign up at any time throughout the course.

Classes take place every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The price is 99€ per month or 270€ per term.