Jake en la Finca

Students of the film school in action!

Cutting a scene due to flubbing lines, bursting into laughter, forgetting an action, a lighting change, an unexpected sound… there are many reasons to reach take 45 of the same shot and infuriate the director. But… good news! You learn that in film school!

The world of audiovisual production is full of anecdotes from every shoot, and it’s one of the things we love most about behind-the-scenes. Don’t we film fanatics and enthusiasts love watching the “making of” specials of our favourite movies? Of course we do!

In this video, we see the students of Bmovie acting as screenwriters, actors, and directors in a story about screenwriters, actors, and directors 😉

This video was created during last summer’s course by the students of acting and filmmaking. We hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for all our updates and news about our film school.

Don’t forget where to find us; for the school address, click here. And if you’re keen to join our courses, click here. See you soon with much more magic and cinema!