Film School in Alicante

Our acting students transformed into zombies to shoot a commercial promoting the summer course, which takes place at the film school in Alicante. To get into character, the first thing they did was go through makeup and wardrobe. Next was lighting, something essential in the studio, and for this, colours like purple and green were used. The ambiance was also enhanced by some paintings from the exhibition displayed in the gallery with dark colours and a gloomy theme, which worked great for filming the summer spot at the film school. This and other spots are showcased on Bmovie’s social media. Along with this commercial for the summer course, other content filmed by our students at the film school can be found on social media. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up-to-date with news, as well as on TikTok to see the content filmed at the school daily, and stay informed about the courses offered and to view other projects we undertake in our classes. You can find us at this address.