The comedy in cinema is a genre with humorous situations that aims to provoke laughter from the audience. We are facing a genre that had its origins in the Ancient Greece, years later, it passed into the medieval culture of Europe, where it began to be part of traditions. Later on, it was considered a relevant genre in the artistic imagination, mainly in theater and cinema. Comedy in cinema was indebted to caricature. In this genre, powerful or respectable characters were often put in tight spots or ridiculed for the enjoyment of the audience, through situations or visual jokes known in cinematographic jargon as gags. The gag constitutes, in a word, a visually staged joke and the narrative unit of comedic cinema. comedia en el cine In addition to this comedic model, which used to rely on mime language, both in the USA and in Germany, France, and other countries, comedy with more complex plots and a happy ending also developed, where acrobatic antics were not too important, but rather relied on a clever plot. Comedy constituted one of the most popular genres in silent cinema, and it is striking to note that its golden age was precisely canceled around 1929, with the advent of sound cinema, which required comedic formulas with dialogue and different from mime language. This also coincided precisely with the dramatic onset of the Great Depression, which overshadowed the entire horizon of the performing arts and the lives of many citizens.

Elements that characterize it:

Objective: Exaggeration of human flaws and vices with the intention of conveying a moral and educational lesson. Characters are ridiculed so that, through laughter, they are corrected or transmit the preventive method to do so. Theme: Common themes often revolve around deception, mockery, vanity, and theft. Protagonist: The character who embodies the vice or flaw that is to be shown or ridiculed. Conflict: Arises from the problem or vice that the protagonist has. Resolution: It is happy for some or all parties opposed to the protagonist. And whoever embodies the flaw or vice is punished or ridiculed.