The Importance of Studying Film before University: Building a Solid Foundation for your Filmmaking Future

Cinema is a complex art that encompasses visual storytelling, cinematic technique, and the ability to tell impactful stories. Before embarking on university, considering studying filmmaking in advance can be a strategic decision that provides you with a solid foundation for your future in the film industry. In this blog, we will explore the usefulness of studying filmmaking before entering university.

1. Discovering your Passion and Vocation:

Studying filmmaking before university gives you the opportunity to explore and discover your true passion. Filmmaking encompasses various areas, from directing and producing to editing and cinematography. By immersing yourself in these aspects before university, you can identify which aspect of filmmaking you are most passionate about and adjust your academic focus accordingly.

2. Developing Technical Skills:

Filmmaking involves a range of technical skills, from handling cameras and lighting equipment to editing and post-production. Studying filmmaking before university allows you to familiarise yourself with these skills from the outset, giving you a significant advantage when you enter a more formal academic programme.

3. Creating an Early Portfolio:

Building a solid portfolio is essential in the film industry. Studying filmmaking before university gives you the opportunity to start building your portfolio early. You can document your projects, experiment with different styles and techniques, and showcase your progression over time.

4. Connecting with Industry Professionals:

Participating in filmmaking studies before university puts you in contact with industry professionals and other passionate students. These contacts can become valuable mentors, providing guidance and opening doors to future opportunities such as internships or project collaborations.

5. Experimentig with Differents Roles:

Filmmaking is a collaborative field involving various roles, from directors and producers to editors and sound designers. Studying filmmaking before university allows you to experiment with different roles in a more flexible environment, helping you understand your strengths and preferences in the filmmaking domain.

6. Gainning Hands-on Experience:

Theory is crucial, but hands-on experience is equally valuable. Studying filmmaking before university gives you the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in real projects. This practical experience will help you develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and solutions in filmmaking.

7. Preparing fot Industry Demand:

The film industry is known for its demand and fast pace. Studying filmmaking before university prepares you for this reality, allowing you to adapt to tight deadlines and quality expectations from the outset.

8. Saving Time and Resources:

Entering university with a solid understanding of filmmaking can save you time and resources. Having a prior foundation allows you to make the most of your time at university, focusing on specific areas of interest and honing your skills rather than learning basic concepts.


In summary, studying filmmaking before university can be a valuable investment in your filmmaking future. It provides you with a solid foundation, helps you discover your passion, and prepares you for the challenges and opportunities in the film industry. Consider exploring study programmes, workshops, or independent projects to forge the path towards a successful filmmaking career.