Cursos de cine en el verano alicantino

No pierdas tu plaza y apúntate en nuestra escuela para pasar un verano lleno de historias y aprendizaje

At BMovie, we have the best plan for you to have a MOVIE-like summer.
Summer is approaching and we already have the schedule ready!
In our summer course, you can choose from 3 exciting options:
1. On-Camera Acting, where you will learn to act through practical exercises to help you reach your potential with any script in front of a camera.
2. Filmmaking, where you can bring YOUR idea to life by writing a script and putting it into practice. We will teach you how to translate a written story into the audiovisual realm, covering all its aspects, including scriptwriting, production, direction, cinematography, art, costume, and sound.
3. Editing and Montage, where you will get to know and learn to use fascinating programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
You will delve into the world of post-production by editing various projects (including the short film that will be made in groups at the end of the summer!)

Sign up for these courses on a biweekly basis (the first two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August) or, if you prefer, on a monthly basis (the entire month of July).

You can find more information about the summer courses by clicking on this link.