Costume Design, Class with Raúl Ramos

We had a special Saturday dedicated to costume design with a class led by Raúl Ramos, a designer with extensive experience in cinema and moreover… we streamed it live! In this post, we’ll tell you all about it!

  1. Who is Raúl Ramos?
  2. Interview
  3. What is streaming?


Let’s get into it!

Who is our costume design teacher?

Raúl Ramos is a costume designer with extensive experience in Spanish and European films such as Teresa, the Body of Christ, or Garden of Eden.


What was the first class like at B.Movie and what did the students learn? – I hope it served them to understand how important costume design and art direction are within a film production, as all departments are linked in the same vision. Even if you want to be a director, director of photography, or art director, etc., all departments move together. The costume department not only dresses the actors, but they also have to get into the skin of each character, understand why they do things, and know where they come from and where they are going, in order to create a wardrobe that is not only suitable for each character but also evolves within the story we are telling, all within parameters dictated by the direction. Many people think that dressing a character is just that and do not understand that the psychology of the character within a story and how we can play with all of this when creating an entire imaginary world within our heads to make the vision of each production a reality. What was your experience of the live stream? – Being able to reach more people through the internet opens up many possibilities, especially for those who, due to their geographical location, do not have access to this type of talks, courses, etc. I think the internet is a fascinating tool for this, I remember when I was younger and there was no internet, you had to stick to the information that came to you without any other option, even in big cities there were many more ways to search for that information but it is true that thanks to these kinds of tools, we can say that “if someone doesn’t know, it’s because they don’t want to”.

What is streaming?

Streaming is a highly important tool for live transmission with a good standard of quality. In these times of pandemic, where new prevention and health safety measures are updated every moment and often condition us in our activities, streaming comes to overcome these difficulties, giving the possibility of attending and interacting live, but from home, in the classes of our school. This happened last Saturday at our film school, and we remind you that Raúl will be teaching a comprehensive and technical course in costume design starting January 2021, and you can already enroll to secure your spot. Don’t forget where to find us, for the school’s address click here, and if you want to enroll, register here. See you very soon with another super interesting post.

Acting for Camera Classes

This Saturday, the students from our school’s Acting for Camera course in the filmmaking program were working on creating their own scene. The exercise consists of composing, with complete freedom, the scene they themselves want to star in. They should be able to cover, with discretion and from their own initiative, all areas involved. They can use references or do it completely original, thinking about the setting with all the necessary props, the preferred lighting to create the appropriate atmosphere, and, of course, the script. They have already started testing and rehearsing their ideas, and the filming is approaching, where the students from the filmmaking course will be able to assist them with the technical aspects. Completing this exercise will allow them to save the material in professional quality to continue building their showreels, which will be crucial in job searches and audiovisual experiences. We’ll be back soon with more updates from our courses! And remember, if you enjoy being both in front or behind the camera, we surely have a course for you! Don’t forget where to find us, for the school’s address click here. And if you want to be part of any film course, enroll here

Summer courses at B.movie School

This year, at our film school, we have summer courses available in two modalities to ensure you don’t get bored at home and can choose the option that suits you best.

Summer is approaching, and we already have our schedule ready!

Join the audiovisual community in the role you prefer. This summer, you can enroll in:

Camera Acting to learn how to star in your own videos, those of your friends, or even in a professional job. We’ll provide you with acting tools through practical exercises so you can unleash your potential with any script in front of the camera.

Filmmaking to help you bring your own projects to life. You’ll learn how to translate a good idea into audiovisual language, mastering the key concepts and functions of each area: scriptwriting, production, direction, cinematography, art, costume, and sound.

Editing and Montage if you prefer to focus on post-production, the final step of audiovisual content creation. You’ll learn to use professional programs like Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

You can enroll in these summer courses on a biweekly or monthly basis.

Biweekly: first or second half of July or first half of August.

Monthly: throughout the month of July.

If you want information about our fees, you can check it by clicking here.

If you’re ready to join us, you can enroll here.

And if you want to see our facilities, you can visit us at this address

The summer course at Bmovie School has ended.

The students of Bmovie School have completed their intensive summer course! Both the filmmaking group and the on-camera acting group have already filmed their final projects. The kids had days full of shooting and hard work. Only the last part remains: the editing stage of all this material so we can enjoy the two summer 2021 audiovisual productions. The short film by the on-camera acting students (a story of teenagers, causes, and effects) was specially written for them, with particular importance given to the development of the characters each one wanted to portray. During all the sessions, they worked on each character’s profile, their dialogues, and their movements in front of the camera. It’s time to see the results!The pilot episode of the filmmaking sitcom (the story is better shown than told) was entirely written, planned, and produced by the students of the course. Each class day covered different areas to decide how to organize the production, dividing roles and rehearsing all the scenes to be ready for shooting. We are very close to premiering these projects, so stay tuned for updates from our film school in Alicante. And if you missed out during the summer, no problem! You can now enroll in the annual course at Bmovie School! Just click here, or you can visit us to get to know us and resolve all your doubts here. See you soon!

Zombies at the Film School in Alicante

Film School in Alicante

Our acting students transformed into zombies on February 26th to shoot a commercial announcing the summer course, held at the film school in Alicante. To get into character, the first thing they did was undergo makeup and wardrobe. Lighting was the next step, something essential in the studio, using colours like violet and green. The atmosphere was further enhanced by paintings from the exhibition displayed in the gallery, featuring dark colours and a gloomy theme, which worked perfectly for filming the spot at the film school. This and other ads are showcased on Bmovie’s social media platforms. This spot promoting the summer course, along with other content filmed with our students at the film school, can be found on social media. To stay updated, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for the latest news, as well as TikTok to view daily content filmed at the school, and stay informed about the courses offered and see other projects we do in class. Don’t forget where to find us click here for the school’s address and enroll here. if you’re interested. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Zombie Movie Recommendations:

Summer Course

Summer Course

We have a special course on acting and filmmaking for this summer, and you can now sign up. Classes are held during July, either for a fortnight or for the entire month, from Monday to Thursday. 

Filmmaking Course

Throughout the course, we will offer our students various experiences to develop their talent both inside and outside the classroom, encompassing different aspects of the audiovisual world. In-class Project during the summer course, students will work on a final project. These projects will serve as opportunities for students to apply what they have learned and practiced during the classes. Each year, we propose the following projects:

  • Short film or pilot episode of a series.
  • Pilot episode of a television program.
  • Scene from different film genres.

Out-of-class Projects:

  • Script development: Each student will develop their own script for a short film or a pilot episode of a television series, applying the script writing techniques taught in class.
  • Weekly scenes or sketches: Each student will create a homemade video as practical exercises accompanying the material covered in class.

Equipment: We ensure our students the experience of using professional cameras and filming materials. Our students have access to and can firsthand use top-of-the-line equipment used on professional sets. The projects from recent courses of the students were filmed with the RED EPIC MX 5K camera, BMPCC 6K camera, and compact ZEISS CP2 professional cinema lens, among other materials.

Acting Course

In-Class Project: Throughout the course, students will have a final course project. These projects will serve for students to apply what they have learned and practiced during the classes. For this purpose, we annually propose the following projects:

  • Photoshoot (Headshots)
  • Introduction Video
  • Dramatic Scene
  • Comedy Scene


Projects Outside of Class:

  • CV Development
  • Weekly Scenes, for creation, rehearsal, and recording.
  • Recreation of Iconic Cinematic and Television Scenes.

Equipment: We ensure our students experience being part of a professional ensemble, working alongside their classmates from other courses and with professionals in various fields of the industry. By the end of the course, each student will have a shared showreel, which includes an introduction video and a collection of their work during the course. The main scenes from students in the last course were filmed using the BMPCC 6K camera and the ZEISS cp2 compact professional cinema lens, among other materials.


For both courses, the best quality materials will be used to achieve the optimal result. The students’ projects will be distributed to festivals and events, ensuring that their work receives the recognition it deserves.