Costume design course

Raúl Ramos Molla, a long-time professional in costume departments, explains in this 1 minute long video what the Costume Design Course is about and how it can help you in your career.

Costume design course


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This course in movie costume design offers a unique opportunity for learning and development at a technical level within the world of filmmaking. It is aimed at those who want to reinvent themselves or focus their career on the world of film and entertainment. They will receive training in costume design, both artistically and technically. This will provide the necessary tools to work as a costume designer, as well as other jobs within this field. They will also learn all about character design through wardrobe. Our goal is to make highly qualified professionals who will be capable of performing their tasks within the world of film and entertainment, both creatively and technically. The course consists of a general introduction to the world of Costume Design, and will include a series of practical exercises to develop in the Workshop and after hours.  

Part I. Artistic Concepts (16 h)

  1. History of fashion in film, part 1.
  2. Psychology of color.
  3. History of fashion in film, part 2
  4. Costume designers (review of the most important costume designers in film).
  5. History of fashion in film, part 3.
  6. Creation of documentary panels, setting by characters.
  7. Art and costume resources in film.
  8. Introduction to garment setting.

  Part II. Analysis and practice (16h)

  1. Reading, analysis and breakdown from the wardrobe department.
  2. Dialogue with the director, producer, cinematographer, art director, script and the rest of the crew: proposals, ideas, brainstorming, colors, restrictions, budget.
  3. Documentation and references: Search for external references.
  4. Script breakdown by characters. Our filming base. Follow up and description of every step of our characters and their evolution over time.
  5. Making of the raccord book.
  6. Arrangement of the department / Management of space and equipment (process, truck and warehouse) preparation and closing.
  7. Learn to read a shooting order and behavior on set.
  8. Practical exercise.

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